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Drake Law Library Basics: Library Policies

Please Note


Library rules are intended to

  • promote fair sharing of resources and
  • ensure people can work in a peaceful, pleasant environment.      
Thanks for your help in achieving these goals.

Key Information

  • Standards of Conduct
    All library patrons are expected to show consideration of others and cooperate with other library users and staff.
  • Food and Drink
    Please help us keep the Law Library clean, attractive, and conducive to study. Drinks in covered containers or cans and pre-packaged snacks may be consumed away from library computers. No other food is allowed. Please avoid products whose unwrapping, smell, or consumption may be disruptive. The lounge across the hall from the library offers vending machines, a microwave, and a refrigerator. Food and drink may be consumed there. Water fountains are available in the Law Library and Law School.
  • Noise
    Please be mindful of the amount of noise you are making and show consideration for others around you. Please turn off cell phone ringers in the library and hold conversations quietly and away from people who are working. Study and conference rooms are available for group work. There is also a lounge across from the library for visiting. Please note that noise can be particularly problematic in the library lobby area where sound travels easily.
  • Lighting
    The Law Library offers task lighting throughout the building. Lights are available on individual carrels and tables on the first through third floors. In addition, switches at the end of the shelves turn on the attached overhead lighting. These lights automatically turn off after about 10 minutes but can immediately be turned on again.
  • Security
    Although we hope you will come to feel at home in the Law Library, please remember that you are in a public building and you need to safeguard your personal belongings. The Law Library has taken a variety of measures to discourage thieves, including installing security cameras by the library doors, instituting a visitors’ log, and offering eight laptop security cables (locks) for law students to check out for daily use in the library. Ultimately, however, a determined thief can only be thwarted if you keep an eye on your personal possessions at all times.

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