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Rooms and Other Spaces: Room Reservations

Request a Room Reservation

Rooms may be reserved by law faculty, law staff, officially recognized law school student organizations, and law students who need a room either for a class assignment requiring them to create a videorecording or for their work as a T.A. or writing fellow.

To request a room reservation, send an email at least one business day in advance to Note the following:

  • name of your event/group or class it is for
  • when you want the room (date, start time, end time),
  • how many will be in attendance

Please be aware that when you reserve space, you

  • still need to follow all university and library policies, including the library food and drink policy.
  • must notify Public Safety if you have a political figure or other VIP attending your meeting.
  • must leave the space in as good or better a condition than you found it.

If a room is not reserved, patrons may walk in and use the room on a modified first-come, first-served basis, with law students having priority over other patrons.  

Reservable Rooms

The conference room links in the next paragraph include photos and information about available equipment.

Nine conference rooms are available on the first floor (175 and 177), second floor (262, 267, 268, 269) and in the lower level (LL04, LL15, and LL16).  In addition, room 282 (Selvy) and room 261 (Perkins) are also sometimes used for classes. LL19, the large classroom in the library's lower level is booked through Cartwright; request through the virtual EMS to reserve.

Study rooms are typically not reserved but law students may request a five-hour checkout at the Information Desk.  

Equipment note: The room descriptions indicate equipment permanently installed in each room. You are responsible for obtaining, setting up, and using any other equipment needed for your meeting.

Check Room Availability (Existing Room Reservations)

From a mobile device, follow both of these steps to check on Law Library room availability:

1. Click Once that window opens, you don't need to log in. Close the window to return to this page. (If you don't do this, you will access a timed-out session and get bad information.)

2. Click on the name of the room you want to check on. Once you open that page, click on the availability tab to see when the room is open and when it is reserved.












From a laptop or desktop computer, you can either follow the steps for mobile devices or use the browse button near the top of the page at It includes options to browse space availability or the event calendar. Once you select either option, you can then use the filters on the left to narrow your search.

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