COVID-19 Updates for Law School

COVID-19 Updates



This guide compiles information issued by the Law School; see also the University's COVID-19 information page.

LATEST NEWS (7-30-2020 update)

Revised Schedule

Please consult Dean Anderson's July 30 email  for information on revisions to the Fall Schedule and the open period for schedule changes that will begin on August 6. 

Teaching Assistant Facilitators Needed for Fall Classes

For class this fall we would like to have a student available in each class to assist any students who may need to attend remotely who would like to ask questions in real-time, and help faculty if they need assistance with in-class tech setup.  The expected duties would have the TA Facilitator following the Zoom or other stream of the class to see if there are any questions (and then ask them of the professor in class).  Candidates should have basic familiarity with remote teaching or collaboration tools such as Zoom but need not be tech experts.

This effort would only be needed at the times when a class might have a student attending an in-person class remotelyHowever, if a class moves online during the semester it is possible that some faculty may want the TA Facilitator to continue providing assistance.  The goal is to have a different TA Facilitator for each class.

If you are interested in one of these positions please contact Emily Fleming and indicate the primary class of interest (and alternates).  Students normally may not serve as a TA Facilitator for more than one class and may not be on probation or special academic status. The TA Facilitator should earn $12 for each class in which there are remote participants and tech assistance is needed.  If a class moves online during the semester it is possible that some faculty may was the TA Facilitator to continue providing assistance.

Deadline for applications is August 7.

Library Carrel Update 

Library personnel are trying to contact the last few carrel holders who have not responded to requests for their needs this next academic year.  A carrel plan is being developed to provide socially-distanced carrels for study and others for storage (and then study once the social distancing requirements are no longer necessary).  


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