COVID-19 Updates for Law School

Academic Schedules

For information about class schedules and the academic calendar, see the Calendar & Events tab.

Class Recordings and Tech

Class technology needs include

  • a computer, ideally a laptop, with a camera and microphone
  • headphones or earbuds in case you need to listen to lectures in a public space (such as the law library) 
  • reliable internet. 

A reminder: if you have difficulty with expenses, the Emergency Fund or CARES Act funding may be able to help.


Access Blackboard by going to and clicking the Blackboard button in the Commonly Used Apps section.

To use Blackboard to view lectures, you will need the following:

  • Ability to access the class through the Blackboard app at the designated time for class.
  • A computer with microphone and camera (headphones recommended.)
  • Adequate internet speed/bandwidth. (Starbucks wifi will NOT be sufficient for full Blackboard participation.)
  • Chrome and Firefox are the preferred browsers so if you are having trouble with video or audio quality, try a different browser. (Quality also may be better on a different device.)

Note: Courses will not appear to be available until they are unlocked by the professor. Once they are unlocked, courses should appear automatically and the “room” for the class lecture will also be listed. 

Please be aware: your professor may choose to do separate session each time by sending you a link to it, or they may choose to have you enter the “room” for your course on Blackboard at the appointed time.


Recorded lectures will either be available either shortly after class, or at an alternate (likely earlier) time - if the professor records it in advance.

Recorded Lectures can be found through Blackboard

  1. Open MyDrake.
  2. Open Blackboard (Found under "Commonly Used Apps" at the top of the screen.)
  3. Click on your Course Name under "My Courses."
  4. Click on Panopto Video link (left side of your window.)

Chrome and Firefox are the preferred browsers so if you are having trouble with video or audio quality, try a different browser. (Quality also may be better on a different device.) For more help on accessing Panopto click HERE.

If you have any trouble finding or accessing those, please contact Debbie Booth. If she is not available, contact Terri Howard.  



ADA Accommodations  

ADA Accommodation documentation from University Disability Services must be provided to Dean Lee Schneider or Lori Richman two weeks prior to exams.  Please reach out to Michelle Laughlin to schedule an accommodations appointment. If you have questions, please reach out to Dean Lee Schneider.  

Final Exams. Grades for Fall 2020 term are due on January 12, 2021. Students should not expect most of their grades to post prior to that date. For exam-related information, please see the Final Exams page.


Teams is a collaborative tool that can be used in a variety of ways for you to chat or video conference  in real time with faculty or staff. Teams can be accessed from the "My Teams" button in the Commonly Used Apps section of myDrake. There area also apps for iOS or Android devices available through the app stores.

Information on using Teams can be found at the following links:

ITS recommends that you make sure if you are using a browser to join use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

You can also download the Microsoft Teams app on your phone and join on your phone as well. This is a good option if you don’t have a computer with a camera or if you aren’t sure if your computer will handle it well.


Accessing TWEN:

  1. Open your Internet browser go to
  2. Enter your OnePass username and password in the appropriate text boxes.
  3. Choose TWEN from the Sign-On to: drop-down list and click Sign On.
  4. The My Courses page is displayed. 

Additional information on how to use TWEN, add a course, navigate a course, and more can be found HERE.

Remote Learning

If you wish to attend your scheduled in-person classes remotely, please reach out to Dean Lee Schneider.

Tips for finding success in remote learning.

1.  Turn your video on if possible.  Some professors require this.  The video creates accountability because the professor can see whether you are playing on your phone, watching TV, or at least nominally listening to the lecture.

2.  Take notes in a notebook instead of your computer.  Many students take notes on computer while in class.  However, your laptop is now the medium for instruction.  Decreasing the screen size or minimizing it will affect what you see and learn.  Handwritten notes add the benefit of retyping notes into outline format, which improves retention.

3.  Fully brief cases and print out the briefs.  Students migrate to book briefing as soon as they feel comfortable, but I don't think that is the best strategy in general.  The printed out case brief is a good place to then take class notes, including highlighting important information and adding in the professor discussion.  One benefit of this strategy is both reading and class discussion information is in 1 place.

4.  Volunteer to answer questions.  Volunteering is more engaging than passively listening to class.

5.  Answer hypos and questions on your paper or in your head.  The last 2 pieces of advice aren't unique to zoom, but the online environment is easier for mind wandering.  Answering every question will prevent losing focus.

6.  Use the chat function to ask questions.  This is another engagement tool, and you don't need to speak in class.

(Steven Foster, Oklahoma City University, August 30, 2020)

Faculty and Staff Resources

Additional information for course instruction and administration are available to faculty and staff on the Remote Teaching and Working Resources page (login required).

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