COVID-19 Updates for Law School

Law Library Access

The Law Library doors are locked and only authorized users have card access. In addition to the information below, please be sure to follow all general campus access requirements.

  • Drake Law School faculty, staff, and students may access the library during Opperman building hours using their Drake IDs. The card swipe is by the door across from the student lounge.
  • Other current Drake faculty, staff, and students who need access to Law Library materials (not just a place to study): Call the Information Desk, 515-271-3189, Monday - Friday 8 - 4:30 and show your Drake ID to be admitted.
  • Use of Masks in the Library and Law School Drake University policy requires everyone to wear a mask while in campus buildings and outdoor settings where safe social distancing is not possible. In order to protect everyone at the Law School, masks should be worn at all times. The only exception is if you in are an enclosed space by yourself, such as a study room or conference room.
  • Others authorized to check out materials (including members of the Iowa bar and Drake alumni) may not currently access the Law Library. However, they can check out circulating materials for curbside pickup, as well as accessing basic reference service. The director should be contacted for other inquiries.  
  • The library is currently closed to all others.

Note that all patron groups can access library research guides at You may also want to check out services available from the State Law Library while the facility is closed for the legislative session.

Librarians and library staff will at times be working in their offices during staffed hours. If you need assistance at the Information Desk during staffed hours and no one is in view, please ring the doorbell located at the desk and someone will come out to assist you.  Reference assistance will be available by email (PC/Mac/Android email link and iPhone/iPad email link).

Checking Out Library Materials

In addition to checking out materials at the Information Desk during staffed hours, Drake Law faculty, staff, and students may check out Law Library materials any time using the Self Checkout kiosk located at the Northeast end of the Information Desk, just before office 165. This provides a touchless option for checking out materials.

Please note that some items located behind the desk, such as reserved materials and movies, will still need to be checked out by library staff during normal operating hours.

The instructions for using the Self Checkout can be viewed at the kiosk itself, or by downloading the PDF below.

Cleaning Supply Stations

The library has cleaning supplies at several locations so you can wipe down shared workspaces:

Lower Level: Outside center stairs

First Floor:

  • At Information Desk
  • By copiers
  • By north tables

Second Floor:

  • By center stairs
  • By south tables
  • Near study room 275
  • In Tax Room

Third Floor: By center stairs

Please immediately return supplies after using them.

Study and Conference Rooms

2020-21 Update

Study rooms 266A and 271-279 have temporarily been converted to conference rooms. They each can only accommodate one person with social distancing. This change means these rooms will be kept unlocked, available to be reserved in accordance with the room reservation policy, and available to Law students first-come, first-served when they are not reserved. Please make sure you are checking reservations before using any of the library's conference rooms. This is particularly important this year when space is at a premium and under special circumstances students are being assigned conference rooms as virtual classrooms.


Study Spaces

Students are welcome to study in the Law Library and in Cartwright Hall.  Third floor study rooms are now unlocked and available for use first-come, first served. Second floor study rooms have temporarily been converted to conference rooms, so check on reservations before using.

Students are free to use any open conference rooms or library tables for studying. Students should first check to see if the rooms are reserved. A sign outside all the library conference rooms provides the URL that gives instructions on how to check on reservations. You might want to bookmark that page and complete the one-time virtual EMS registration process to expedite checking room reservations at the point of need. Students may also study in the LL19 classroom when not in use.  

Students may study in any unused classroom in Cartwright Hall without reservation.   Please follow social distancing guidelines when selecting a study space.  Note that face coverings must be worn unless you are by yourself behind a closed door. 


Students with Carrels:

Please see top box on the Carrels Guide for information about 2020-21 Carrel Reservations.

Law Library Reference Assistance

Law librarians can be reached for reference help via email:
PC/Mac/Android email link --- iPhone/iPad email link.

If you have any questions about whether we have access to something, what source to use, how to use a research resource, etc., please reach out. 

May 2020 Graduates

Bloomberg Law provides free access to 2020 graduates for a year 

Bloomberg Law is automatically providing 2020 graduates who have Bloomberg Law accounts with extended access until June 1, 2021. For more information click here


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