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Rooms and Other Spaces: Study Rooms

Drake Law Library Study Room

Study Room Guidelines

The Law Library offers 20 small, locked study rooms to provide law students an option for a secure and semi-private study space.

Currently enrolled Drake Law students and Drake Law graduates studying for the bar examination may check out study room keys from the Information Desk. Keys check out for five hours, and the loan can be renewed if rooms are still available for other students.

The use of study rooms is a privilege. Users are expected to adhere to the following rules:

  • Study room keys must not be taken out of the library. If a student has a study room key checked out and needs to leave the library, the key must be left at the Information Desk. (Upon request, desk staff can keep the key in a secure location.)
  • Keys will not be checked back in until the student tells desk staff he or she is done using the room.
  • Users should not cover the glass on the study room doors.
  • Students must take all their belongings out of the study room before checking in the key.
  • Other library policies, including the food and drink policy, also apply to the study rooms.

During finals, study rooms may be reserved by the exam center. Ask at the Information Desk to check on availability.

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