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Highlighted Search and Seizure Resources

Often starting with secondary sources is your most efficient research strategy. A good secondary resource cites relevant law, whether cases, statutues, Constitutional provisions, or regulations, places them in context, and analyzes them. You will want to make sure you then read the cited law carefully and update it.

Search and Seizure: A Treatise on the Fourth Amendment (LaFave)
Law Library Reserve KF9630 .L26 2004 (Older editions in stacks.)

Also available on Westlaw. (Database Identifier: SEARCHSZR)

Hint: Westlaw starts in table of contents view.

"Professor LaFave interprets and applies the Fourth Amendment in diverse factual situations for developing more effective arguments of search and seizure issues in plea bargaining, trial, and appeal phases of a criminal case. Expert discussion covers the exclusionary rule and other remedies, protected areas and interests, probable cause, and search warrants. This work also addresses search and seizure of persons and personal effects, entry and search of premises, search and seizure of vehicles, and consent searches. Explores stop and frisk and similar lesser intrusions, along with inspections and regulatory searches. Also examines the administration of the exclusionary rule."

Iowa Practice (Volz et al.)
Law Library Reserve KFI4280 .I532 (older volumes in Iowa Wing)

Also available on Westlaw

Hint: Westlaw starts in table of contents view.  

This set offers forms, commentary, and analysis on multiple areas of Iowa law, including criminal law (vol. 4), criminal procedure (v. 4A), evidence (v. 7), and lawyer and judicial ethics (v. 16).

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Appellate Briefs

See the following for examples of and advice for writing an appellate brief: 

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