Wrongful Convictions Clinic

What are Wrongful Convictions?

"The strength of our criminal justice system depends on its accuracy — its ability to convict the guilty and to clear the innocent. But we know that wrongful convictions happen. Identifying and understanding the causes of wrongful convictions is critical to maintaining the integrity of our justice system.

A conviction may be classified as wrongful for two reasons:

  1. The person convicted is factually innocent of the charges.
  2. There were procedural errors that violated the convicted person's rights."

Source: The National Institute of Justice

Guide Scope

Created in conjunction with the Drake Law School Wrongful Convictions Clinic and the State Public Defender, Wrongful Convictions Division, this guide provides a variety of resources for people interested in learning more about wrongful convictions in the U.S. and criminal justice reform efforts centered on avoiding wrongful convictions and supporting exonerees. 

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