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Iowa Legislative History: Step 8: Bill Drafting Files

Step 8: Bill Drafting Files

The Legislative Services Agency (formerly the Legislative Services Bureau) maintains bill request/drafting files, which include:

  • the written request form for the LSA to draft the bill
  • the original version of the bill
  • possibly early drafts, notes, written comments from representatives, and model legislation from other states. 

LSA retains bill request files for the current General Assembly plus the prior General Assembly. However, these files are considered confidential and are not available for viewing until they go to the archives, unless permission is granted by the bill sponsor. The archives go back to 1967 and are kept in the State Archives, in the State of Iowa Historical Building. The archives are open to anyone. The materials can be used on premises only. To see a file, call the State Historical Society of Iowa Library during reference hours and speak to a librarian. They can have materials pulled from the archives for you to use in person in the reading room. When you talk to the librarian, you will need to know:

  • the G.A. number and year
  • file number or LSA/LSB number (from bottom of original bill)
  • the sponsoring legislator or agency (for G.A.s through the 74th)
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    Drake University Law Library • 2604 Forest Ave. • Des Moines, Iowa 50311-3014