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Carrels: Carrel Reservations

Information about library carrels


If you have questions about carrels that this page does not answer, please contact Elicia Ropte.

The library cannot guarantee the security of materials left in carrels. For secure storage, students may reserve a Cartwright locker in Room 128.

Dates to Know

March 1 - Cleanout Deadline for August & December graduates

Aug 1 - Cleanout Deadline for May graduates

First three days of fall semester - LLMs & 3Ls can request a new or first carrel reservation at Information Desk

First Thursday of fall semester, 3 p.m. - 2L & 2nd year MJ Carrel Lottery

Early Sept. - 1Ls and 1st year MJs should check library signage for information about remaining carrels

Please clean out your carrel by the cleanout deadline!


Location Overview:

No. Location
1-8 ; 235-248 1st floor


Far north end of floor


Northeast windows
9-102 ; 215-234 2nd floor


Iowa Wing


Tax Room


North rail


Near study rooms


East windows


AV room


Top of stairs  


Southeast corner


Southwest corner
103-171A 3rd floor


By rail


Near study rooms


East windows


South wall


By rail
172-214 Lower level

About Carrel Reservations

Carrel reservations are taken the first week of classes each fall semester on a tiered basis, with LL.M. students and 3Ls having the first opportunity, followed by 2Ls and second-year M.J. students, and then, if any carrels remain, 1Ls and first-year M.J. students.

Carrel reservations extend through a student's Drake Law School enrollment. For May graduates, carrel reservations end the following Aug. 1; for December and August graduates, carrel reservations end the following March 1.

Students must remove all items from their carrels by the last day of their reservation. Library staff will dispose of items left in carrels after that time. Graduates who do not need to keep their carrels through the bar examination are encouraged to contact Information Desk staff to release their carrel reservation, making the carrel available for another student.

The reservation of Law Library carrels is a privilege. To retain carrel privileges, students must follow the Carrel Usage Guidelines, including keeping carrels in good order, using non-damaging adhesives (e.g., Post-It Notes or Blu-Tack) to affix items to the finished wood, refraining from the use of items with exposed heating elements, and properly checking out all library materials kept in the carrel.

Lockers in Cartwright Hall are available to all law students to secure personal belongings. The Law Library is not responsible for the loss of any personal items from carrels.

Note: Textbooks and laptops left in carrels are among items that have been stolen in the past, so you are advised to secure your belongings. Laptop locks are available for check out at the Information Desk.

For more information, ask the Information Desk staff or see the Carrel Reservation Policy.

Fall Reservations: 3Ls and LLMs

LLM students and 3Ls may reserve carrels for immediate use during the first three days of classes of the fall semester (Mon., Aug. 22-Wed., Aug. 24) by asking at the Information Desk during library hours.

LLM students and 3Ls who currently have a carrel but want a different one should make these arrangements with Information Desk staff during this same time period. 3Ls can continue to return and check out new carrels through the end of the day on Sept. 7.  If you want to keep your current carrel reservation, you do not need to do anything.

Fall Reservations: Second-Year Students

2Ls or second-year MJ students who want to keep a current carrel reservation do not need to do anything. All others should follow these instructions.

Students, or a proxy, must attend the carrel lottery meeting on the first Thursday of the fall semester (Aug. 25), at 3:00 p.m. in Opperman Hall, Lower Level 19, to enter their names and select a carrel.

If this is not possible, send an email to by 1 p.m. on the day of the lottery, and library staff will put your name in the lottery and randomly assign a carrel to you when your name is drawn.

The app Lottery procedures:

  • Before the meeting, check out the Carrel Floor Map and Carrel Photos to get an idea of where you would like your carrel to be. The meeting will go much faster if everyone is ready to select a carrel when it's their turn.  
  • As you enter LL19, you will put your name on a numbered slip. If you are representing one or more other students, be sure to enter their name(s), each on a separate slip, and stay in the room until the names of everyone you are representing have been called. Bring the slip up with your when your number comes up.
  • A random number generator will determine the order in which students can select a carrel.
  • Come to the front in the order in which your number comes up. If you do not come up when we call your number, we will assume you no longer want to participate in the lottery.
  • Carrel selections will be made at the meeting. Please bring your Drake ID and the slip of paper with you. The carrel you choose will be checked out to you in the library circulation system; however, ignore the listed due date in favor of the reservation period described under "About Carrel Reservations."
  • Students may swap carrels through Wednesday, September 7th; both students must email to request the swap. If a student wants to give up a carrel but not make a swap, it will go to the next person on the waiting list. Starting September 8th, all carrels given up will be reassigned using the waiting list.
  • A student can add his or her name to the carrel waiting list if the student does not get a carrel reservation. Students may choose to go on the waiting list rather than take an unacceptable carrel reservation. However, students may not be on the waiting list if they already have a carrel reservation.
  • The carrel waiting list is only for the current academic year, so students on the waiting list who do not get a carrel before May graduation will need to follow procedures to request one the following fall. Note: You can only ask to be put on the waiting list on or after the date we begin taking reservations for people in your class.

Fall Reservations: First Year Students

There are still carrels available.

1Ls, first-year M.J.s, and visiting students who want to be in the lottery for remaining carrels should:

  1. Log in to TWEN
  2. Add the course First-Year Carrel Lottery
  3. Open that course and sign up on the sign-up sheet by the end of the day Wednesday, Sept. 7. (Click Sign-Up Sheets in left menu, then click on Fall Carrel Lottery - 2022.) Read the instructions on that page.
On Sept. 8, we will use a random number generator to determine who will get a carrel. Please be patient as this process takes some time. When everything is done, we will send an email message to all TWEN course participants with the results.


2Ls and 3Ls can continue to return and check out new carrels through the end of the day on Sept. 7.

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