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Faculty Services: Placing Items on Reserve

Placing Items on Reserve

The Law Library maintains a collection of course reserve materials for students to borrow for 2-hour, in-library use. These can be searched by CRN, course name, professor, or material title or author using the Course Reserves scope in SuperSearch.

Drake faculty may request materials be placed on reserve at the Law Library by sending requests to Please identify the class for which the material is being placed on reserve and the number of copies needed. Please provide either the complete citation or a clean, clear copy, including the title page or other clear indication of source. If you prefer, citations can be provided in the form of a marked syllabus, as long as the source is clearly identified. We can also move books from other parts of our collection into reserve, upon request. Materials will be placed on reserve only for the current semester. If you would like materials placed on reserve for a longer period, please include that information in your request.

If you would like an item used in previous semesters taken from the library's reserve archives and placed on active reserve, please let the circulation department know which article you want moved, the class it was used for, and the class it will be used for this semester. Note: library staff members will NOT provide archived reserve items to students without a specific request from a faculty member to place these back on reserve.

Giving us advance notice of items you’d like placed on reserve enables us to have them ready for students when they ask for them.
Please note:

  • We cannot accept material from other libraries or video outlets to process for reserves. Law faculty may place Cowles items on reserve at Cowles.
  • To improve service to students, we request that before the start of a new term, you place on reserve a current syllabus and any recommended or supplemental reading lists you provide students for each class you are teaching that term.
  • To ensure compliance with copyright law, the Law Library applies fair use analysis to each item reproduced and placed on reserve. If an item being placed on active reserve does not meet the fair use requirements or we need more information to complete the analysis, library staff will contact the requesting professor. Requesting an item be placed on reserve includes an implied acknowledgement that the instructor has determined that the amount of a work to be reproduced is only the portion needed for the educational purpose. For additional information on the four factor fair use test, see the University of Texas Crash Course in Copyright at: 
  • Placement of unpublished, student-prepared materials on library reserve must comply with FERPA1 and copyright requirements. In order to meet those rules, one of the following is required:

    1) The instructor included a notice in the syllabus the semester the student took the class that indicated his or her work could be placed on reserve, with identifying information removed, and used as an outstanding example. The notice should include an opt-out clause.

    2) The student whose work is being used signed a release form, which was submitted to the library with the work.

    3) The student directly provides the material to desk staff to be placed on reserve.

  • Unless otherwise directed, materials submitted will be retained and moved to the library's reserve archives at the end of the semester. These materials will only be placed on reserve again at the professor’s direct request, assuming our copyright analysis permits repeated use of the specific item type. (For most kinds of items placed on reserve, this is permissible.)

If you own a book or other item that you would like to place on reserve without donating it to the library, we will minimally process it and note that you are retaining ownership. Please give the material to full-time staff at the library Information Desk indicating that you would like it placed on reserve as a professor’s copy item. Any materials you lend us for reserve will be left in our professor's copy collection until you request they be returned to you. Although we will make every effort to keep these materials safe, please note that we cannot guarantee they will not be damaged or stolen.

1 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99)

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