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Sales: Class Research Guide


This guide is intended as an aid to students taking the Drake Law School course Sales. It provides resources related to Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), Articles 1 (General Provisions) and 2 (Sales), including general resources on the UCC, sales study aids, and other sales-specific treatises available through the Drake Law Library. Librarians are also available for research assistance by using use the email links for PC/Mac/Android users and for iPhone/iPad users.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

A note on uniform and model laws:

Different entities draft uniform or model legislation in places where consistency in state laws is desirable. State legislatures may vote to adopt these laws with or without revision. The governing law is whatever is adopted by each state.

Background Resources

Text, Commentary, and Cases

Sales Study Aids

Broadly, study aids include narrative descriptions of the law, outlines, and practice questions. Used as a complement to your own reading, class participation, and outlining, they can help you prepare for class, study for exams, and learn the law.

Other Sales-Specific Treatises

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