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MAALL 2020: Shift Happens: Overview

Program Description

Work in the Time of COVID-19: Shift Happens

The unprecedented shutdowns mandated by COVID-19 dramatically changed the way we worked. How did we cope? What adjustments did we make to ensure our libraries functioned and our users' needs were met? What have we learned about our libraries and our library users' needs as a result of this shift? How can we use what we've learned going forward to plan for future? What impact will our experiences working remotely have when we return "to normal" – and what will "normal" be? Join us as we explore these topics, discuss our experiences, and we share our "take-aways" from the COVID-19 shutdown.


Sandy Placzek
Associate Director and Professor of Law Library
Marvin & Virginia Schmid Law Library
University of Nebraska College of Law
Lincoln, Nebraska

Karen Wallace
Circulation/Reference Librarian and Professor of Law Librarianship
Drake University Law School
Des Moines, Iowa

Allison Reeve Davis
Library Manager
Littler Mendelson P.C.
Kansas City, Missouri

Sarah Kammer
Head of Public, Faculty & Student Services
McKusick Law Library
University of South Dakota Knudson School of Law
Vermillion, South Dakota

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