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Interlibrary Loan: Newspaper Requests

Newspaper Articles

Obtaining newspaper articles through ILL can be time-consuming and expensive, and often a source for the requested articles cannot be found at all. In today’s electronic world, most libraries are not retaining or offering via interlibrary loan hardcopy or microfilm back files. The versions of newspaper articles that most researchers access through electronic sources are often not the same as hardcopy versions, making it more difficult to find a hardcopy equivalent. In addition, researchers often cite to small town newspapers or wire service stories that are available electronically but hard to find in hardcopy. Although the Law Library specifically requests copies from hardcopy or microfilm, lending libraries often disregard this information and send us a copy from an electronic source.

As explained in the cite-checking guide (under Finding Newspaper Articles), it can be a good strategy to find an alternate article with essentially the same content. If that is not an option, the Law LIbrary will have a greater chance of finding newspaper articles in hardcopy or microform if you provide the following information:

  • The name of the newspaper and the city in which it is published
  • If the newspaper comes out in multiple editions or regions, specify which has been cited
  • Author/title (indicate if you don’t have this information)
  • Section, page number, and column (if you don’t have a page number, note this and we’ll ask libraries to search...some will, some will not, so the request will probably take longer to obtain)
  • We routinely request that the lending library include the header (which indicates title, date of publication, and page number) with copies of newspaper articles, but many libraries do not comply 

ILL Request Form

Before making an ILL request, please search the library catalog to verify the Law Library does not own the item.

Download either version of the ILL request form (PDF or Word), fill it out, and save a copy for your records.

Email completed forms to Printed forms also can be submitted at the Law Library's Information Desk.

Clarity and detail will expedite the processing of your request.

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