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Administrative Law: Fed. Reg. & C.F.R.

Federal Register (Fed. Reg.)


The Federal Register is published each day the federal government conducts business and includes presidential proclamations and executive orders, regulations (also called rules), proposed regulations, and notices. It has a continuous page count for the entire year and regulations are printed chronologically as they are promulgated. It contains background information about regulatory changes not available in the Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.), which makes the Federal Register an invaluable resource for understanding regulations and the policies behind them.

Finding Aids

Some of the resources published along with the Federal Register serve as finding aids. One is the Federal Register Index, which is a monthly publication that arranges entries by agency. Each daily edition of the Federal Register also indicates when something in it affects a part of the C.F.R. This "CFR Parts Affected" section cumulates daily throughout the month. Due to delays in the receipt of the paper edition, it is a good idea to access recent issues of the Federal Register through an online source.

Where to find the Fed. Reg.

Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.)

  The C.F.R. provides a subject arrangement of all final regulations (also called rules) that have already been published in the Federal Register and that will be in effect for the year. The C.F.R. is updated annually but the process occurs throughout the year. The color on the paperback binding indicates whether a particular volume has been updated.


Titles Publication Date
1 - 16 January 1
17 - 27 April 1
28 - 41 July 1
42 - 50 October 1


Finding Aids

Several finding aids published along with the C.F.R. facilitate its use. Like the rest of the set, the volume entitled "Index and Finding Aids" is revised annually. This volume contains a subject index. It also contains parallel tables of authorities including citations to the U.S. Code, the United States Statutes at Large, Public Laws, and Presidential documents. Another useful aid is the List of CFR Sections Affected (LSA), which is issued monthly and cumulates throughout the year. More information about the LSA is available on the Updating Federal Regs page in this guide.

Where to find the C.F.R.

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