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Administrative Law: Updating & Tracking Federal Regs

How to Update Regulations

List of Sections Affected cover

Traditional updating method (alerts you to changes affecting a specific section):

  • Begin by locating the desired regulation in the most recently revised edition of the C.F.R.
  • Then consult the most recent monthly edition of the List of CFR Sections Affected (LSA).
    • The LSA is a monthly publication listing each C.F.R. section that has been impacted by changes published in the Federal Register since the C.F.R. volume's last revision date. It is a cumulative publication. Therefore, you only need to check the most recent issue to determine whether any changes to a regulation have taken place since the last C.F.R. was published.
  • Go to the most recent issue of the Federal Register for each month not covered by the LSA. At the back of each issue is a cumulative list called "CFR Parts Affected During [month]." This listing updates the most recent edition of the LSA. You can also update your research using the LSA online at

Expedited updating method (skips the LSA and alerts you to changes affecting an entire part):

  • From go to CFR Parts Affected from the Federal Register.
  • Select the Date range since the most recent CFR for your provision (Date is after: Jan. 1, April 1, July 1, or Oct. 1, 202x). Submit.
  • Open the title and part to check for changes.

The following video demonstrates the expedited method.

What to do if the C.F.R. section no longer exists.

  • Look in the LSA to see if it has been redesignated.
  • Look in the back of the appropriate C.F.R. volume for a Redesignation Table.
  • Look in the back of the appropriate C.F.R. volume for an LSA table by year. This will reflect any changes that have occurred since 2001. For the period before January 1, 2001, see the compiled List of CFR Sections Affected volumes that are shelved before the current C.F.R. on the first floor, shelf 9 (KF70).

Web Resources for Updating Regulations

Because the official version of the C.F.R. is only updated once each year, updating your C.F.R. research to ensure you have current information is essential.

Tracking Federal Regulations

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