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SuperSearch: Search Results

Working with Search Results

In the main window, you will see a list of results that match your search criteria.

Too many hits? After running a search, you can use the facets on the left-hand side to limit your results by subject, date, item format, whether the journal is peer-reviewed, and more.

Obtaining Full-Text. Depending on whether your results are electronic or physical items, you will have different buttons in the record to help you get the full-text.

"View Online" will bring up the full-text of an electronic item; you may need to be signed in, using your Drake credential, to access content.

"Location and Status" will tell you where to find a physical item. Note the name of the library, location description (e.g., Stacks) and call number. Under the heading "Status," you can see if the item is checked out or on the shelf.

Details. For both print and electronic items, the "Details" button will provide additional description of the item. This is where you will find subject headings, which can be very helpful in identifying other items on the same topic.

Search Results Example

The screenshot below shows the start of a search results screen. The search terms were educational diversity. The results were then limited to only those results available in the library. Note at the top of the search results list, there is an indication that the results have been "Refined by: Top Level: Available in the Library."

Note, too that the details button for Leadership and Diversity is open, showing detailed information about the item's location and shelf status.

Sample of SuperSearch Results for the terms educational diversity, limited to library holdings

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