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SuperSearch: Search Results

Search Results List

The screenshot below shows the beginning of a list of search results for   the search terms iowa legal history. The   default scope of Everything was searched; the drop-down in the search bar can now be used to change that to In the Library, Law Library, or Course Reserves, if desired. Above the list of records, the   number of results is displayed: 61,961.

The first result in the list indicates   the book is available electronically in full text. (Note this might also show as Available Online, as with the second search result.) The fourth result   indicates the Law Library owns a physical version of the book, and it is shelved in the Stacks at call number HV98.I8 G6.

 6  Filters on the left allow you to narrow or refine your result list. SuperSearch results are sorted by relevance. Click the Sort by dropdown to change the sort order. For example, "Date - newest" will show the most recently published results at the top. Click the name of any of the other desired filters to open that menu and limit the kinds of results you want to see listed. Click on the title of any search result to see its detailed record.

Sample list of SuperSearch search results, annotated

Detailed Record of a Search Result

The image below shows the various parts of an individual search result. In this case, the result is an article from a journal. Not every result will contain all of these parts, and some results will contain more. The important thing to remember is that each result will be organized in a similar way, which will help you quickly identify the information you need.

First part of a detailed record view from SuperSearch
Second part of a detailed record view from SuperSearch

1. Material Type icon and name - In this case, the fanned-out covers represent a journal article, and the word "Article" appears as text above the title.

2. Citation Information - For journal articles, like this one, you'll see the article title, author(s), and publication details. For books, you'll see title, author/creator, publisher, and publication year.

3. Availability Overview - A print journal will start "Check holdings at..." A print book will start "Available at..." unless it is still on order or checked out, in which case it will start Unavailable. This will be followed by the library location or a link to check status. For electronic materials, you will see either "Full text available" or "Available online." Sometimes this section may contain "Get PDF" or "Read Online" to open the article directly.

4. Full Text Availability - For online material, this section provides links to the linked databases or other online sources where you can access the item in full text. 

5. Get It - If you are logged in, this will provide a way to request a book that is checked out. (Drake faculty, staff, and students, only)

6. Locations - For print materials, this lists the library, location, and call number (if available) where you will find the item. 

7. Locate - For Law Library items, click on the Locate button to go to the relevant part of the Finding Materials in the Library tab. This will help you determine where different collection locations (e.g., periodicals, reserve, Tax Room) are located, and which call numbers are on which floor of the Stacks location.

8. Actions - These are tools you can use to send or share the record. You can view and export the citation to a variety of citation managers or print the record. The actions highlighted in the orange box allow you to copy a citation for the record, a persistent link to the record, or email the record.

9. Details - In addition to title, author, and sources, you may find other information about the record here, such as subjects, a description (abstract), table of contents, or other notes. The subjects are highlighted in the orange box, as using this terminology can be an excellent way to expand or refine your search.

Sources Citing This

Sometimes the search results will include a link to see other sources that have cited a particular result. The link, shown below, looks like a double-headed arrow pointing up and to the sides. This coverage is quite limited in SuperSearch, so if you do not see this option, that does not mean the article has not been cited elsewhere. You may want to check other citators.

Arrows pointing up and out link to sources citing that result

After you click this icon, you will see a list of other items that cite this item:

Sample list of other sources citing a particular result.

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