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SuperSearch: Favorites: Save Items and Searches

Favorites (Formerly eShelf)

What is My Favorites?

In SuperSearch, My Favorites is a place for you to save favorite books, articles, and other types of records for later viewing, citing, etc. It used to be called "eShelf." In My Favorites, you can also organize items with labels (tags) to help you manage these records.

You can also save favorite or frequent searches to your Favorites, and set alerts to be notified when new materials match those searches.

  • Easily repeat frequent searches.
  • Set alerts so you can be notified when new Library materials match your search criteria.
  • Subscribe to an RSS feed for your searches.

First Step: Sign In

While it is possible to add items to My Favorites without signing in to SuperSearch, we recommend that you sign in first to ensure that your items are saved under your account.

Adding Items to My Favorites

The easiest way to add items to My Favorites is by clicking the "pushpin" icon that appears on each search result. A pushpin with a line through it means you've already added it.

The pushpin icon appears in the upper right corner in both your results list and the detailed record view.

Results list view:

SuperSearch Favorites icon in list view

Detailed record view:

SuperSearch Favorites icon in Detailed Record


Saved Searches

In addition to saving individual records, you can also save a search. This allows you to review search results in more than one sitting, or to set up an alert to get notified of new results that fit your search criteria. 

Saving a Search and Setting up Search Alerts

After you execute a search, if you are signed in, you will see an option to click on "Save this search" to save your search in your favorites.

Saving a Search in SuperSearch Favorites


Search alerts will tell you when new items matching your search criteria have been added to SuperSearch. You can create a search alert immediately after you save your search by clicking on "Turn on notifications for this query" in the yellow box that appears at the top of the screen after you click "Save this search."

You will then see a pop-up box where you will input your email address, and then click Save.

notification settings

You can also set up a search alert for an older saved search, as explained below.

Managing Saved Searches

Click on the push pin icon in the upper right to go to your favorites.

SuperSearch Favorites icon

Then click on the Saved Searches tab to see your list of saved searches.

Managing Saved Searches in SuperSearch Favorites

  • The bell icon on the right allows you to turn search alerts off and on. When the search alert is turned on, as it is for the top saved search, the bell will be filled in. If the bell is empty, as it is for the bottom saved search, click the bell to turn on a search alert for that saved search.
  • To delete a saved search, click the icon of the push pin with a line through it.

Organizing Your Favorites

After signing in, click the My Favorites pushpin icon that appears at the top of each page. Your most recently saved items will appear at the top.

You organize results by using Labels, which are like tags, to group records into categorized lists. One of the main benefits of Labels is that you can apply multiple labels to a single record to include the same record in multiple lists.

Adding and Accessing Labels and Re-ordering Your Favorites

  1. Select the Saved Records tab (if not selected already).
  2. Click on Add Labels.
    Adding a Label to a SuperSearch Favorite
  3. Your current labels will appear. Click the plus mark to add an already existing label to an item. Click the Add Labels button to create a new label and assign it to this item.
    Working with SuperSearch Favorites labels
  4. Your new Label will appear underneath the record, as well as in the right margin of the Saved Records screen under the heading Labels. When you click on one of these Labels, you will bring up a list of all items that have that label. On the right you can also change the order in which your saved records appear, using the Sort by dropdown menu.

Removing a Label

  1. Select the Saved Records tab (if you're not already there).
  2. Click the pencil icon next to the record's label(s) to edit the labels.
    Editing a Label on a SuperSearch Favorite
  3. Click the "X" next to the Label you wish to remove.
    Removing SuperSearch Favorite labels


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