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SuperSearch: FAQs

What does it mean when I’m searching “Everything”?

OK, it’s not really everything, but it’s a lot! It includes all of the physical items in the library (books, DVDs, music scores, etc.), as well as content from nearly 100 databases from Cowles and Law, our many digital collections, eScholarshare, and more. Note that the content of some databases is not included in SuperSearch.

What is not included in SuperSearch?

There are a number of databases, such as Lexis Advance, that, because of the type of content or publisher restrictions, do not provide results in SuperSearch. These databases can still be searched directly using the lists of databases from Cowles and Law.

Can I search other university libraries' holdings in SuperSearch?

Soon! The next phase of this transition, which we hope will take place in 2017, will connect SuperSearch to the print collections of several other libraries in Iowa, including the three Regent universities, Wartburg College, Grand View University, and others. Drake users will be able to search across the physical collections of, and place requests for physical materials from, those institutions. This collaboration will not include access to databases and e-journals, but it is nonetheless a major step forward in our access to scholarly content.

How do I sign in to SuperSearch?

  1. Click the Sign in icon in the upper right.
  2. Enter your user ID and password and click Login.
    • Use your Drake credentials if you are faculty, staff, or a student.
      Drake patrons who have forgotten their credentials should use the Forgot Your Drake password link on BlueView.
    • Use your library card number and password if you are a guest.
      If you do not know this information, ask for assistance at the service desk of your library (Cowles, 271-2111, or Law, 271-3189). Note: Our privacy policy does not allow us to give password information over the phone.
  3. You should see your name at the top of the screen.
  4. Please remember to click Sign Out when you are done.

Why do I need to sign in to SuperSearch?

Signing in provides several benefits:

  • You can access Drake licensed resources - all those great scholarly resources the library pays for you to use. (This applies to Drake patrons only.)
  • You can manage your library account, renewing items, requesting a hold on a checked out book, and more.
  • You can set preferences for the way you want SuperSearch to look.
  • You can set search alerts to get an email when new items match the criteria for a search you have already run.
  • You can save and organize search results on your e-Shelf.

How do I change my SuperSearch password?

  • If you are a current Drake student, faculty, or staff, you cannot change your password in SuperSearch. You must use Drake's Self-Service Password Reset.
  • If you are using the Law Library as a Drake alumni or member of the Iowa bar:
    1. Sign in to SuperSearch using the steps above.
    2. Click on My Account > Personal Settings > Edit Details > Update Login Credentials.
    3. Enter your old password, your new password, and click Update.
    4. You will get a message indicating that the update was successful or notification of a problem with the request.

What is the eShelf?

The e-Shelf lets you save and organize items that you find when you search. (Must be signed in to use.)

See detailed instructions on using the e-Shelf.

How do I save a SuperSearch search or one or more results so I can come back to it later?

You can save items to your eShelf by signing in to your SuperSearch account (using your Drake credentials) and then selecting the star icon for an item in the search results. If you want to add an entire page of results, select the "Add page to eShelf" link near the top of the left column.

Another alternative is to save your search itself by clicking on the "Save query" link near the top of the left column. If you want to set up an alert - to get an email when new results are added to SuperSearch that fit your saved search criteria - select the "Save & alert" option. To just save the search to be able to access it when you are signed in to SuperSearch, select "Save."

How do I see my due dates or renew my items online?

  1. Sign in to SuperSearch.
  2. Click the My Account button.
  3. You will see a list of items currently checked out to you. You can use the "Renew All" button at the top to request that they all be renewed, or identify select items using the checkboxes and then click "Renew Selected."
  4. A message above the renew buttons will indicate whether your request was successfully submitted. The new due date(s) will appear in the Due Date column next to the title(s).

How do I request a hold on a checked out item?

Patrons can place holds on items they find in SuperSearch if they are already checked out.

  1. You must be signed in to SuperSearch and eligible to check out materials from the owning library.
  2. Click on the Location and Status button.
  3. Click on the blue Request link. (This will only appear if the item is already checked out.)
  4. If you'd like, you can add the date after which you no longer need the item or a comment.
  5. Click the request button.
  6. You will get a note indicating whether the hold was successfully placed, and, if so, what your place is in line.
  7. When the item is available, you will get an email notification that you can pick it up at the owning library.

Screenshot of SuperSearch for Checked out Item

How do I check on a hold request or cancel it?

  1. Sign in to SuperSearch.
  2. Click the My Account button.
  3. Click the Requests option in the left-hand menu.
  4. You will see a list of requests you have placed on checked out items. You can check your place in line in the "Status" column.
  5. If you want to cancel a hold request, click the corresponding cancel link, and then click the "Okay" button to confirm your cancellation.

How do I just view the citation for an item, without having to export it?

Currently, the best way is to select Citation from the Actions menu.

  1. From your search results, click the item's title or the Details button.
  2. Click Actions, then select Citation.
  3. A new window will open to display the item citation. You can change the citation style by using the links (MLA, APA, etc.) to the left of the citation.

Where did the library catalog go?

It’s still here, just not in a separate place. To search for items in the Cowles and Law Libraries (essentially what the old catalog would do), just select “In the Library” from the dropdown where the default is "Everything."

Why did the libraries make this switch?

Designed to increase efficiency, the new system should provide faculty, staff and students a more streamlined research experience while also significantly reducing the time required for library faculty and staff to maintain search platforms.

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