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SuperSearch: Search Tips

Use "In the Library" for a Faster, Narrower Search When You Only Want Books, DVDs, or Other Physical Library Materials

Use the drop-down in the "Everything" box to change your scope to "In the Library." This will make your search faster and exclude results from databases, other than eBooks.Image of Library Catalog Scope Selection

Boolean Operators - AND, OR, NOT - Need to be in All Caps

You can use the search operators AND, OR, and NOT to join terms, but they need to be in all caps in order to be treated like search operators.

AND - Finds all of the terms in your search. By default, SuperSearch already separates your terms with AND, so it isn't necessary to use it. However, it can be handy for combining sets of terms, like (college OR university) AND (athletics OR sports).

OR - Finds any of the terms in your search. Lettuce OR arugula retrieves results that contain either term. OR is useful when you have terms that are closely related.

NOT - Excludes terms from your search. For example, football NOT NFL would retrieve results containing football, but would exclude any results that also contain NFL.

Example: If you wanted to search for records that contain the term civil procedure and either Examples and Explanations or Blonds, you could input this search:

civil procedure AND (Examples and Explanations OR Blonds)

Example of using Boolean operators in Catalog Search

Use Advanced Search for More Precise Searches

Clicking on the "Advanced Search" link brings up a search box and allows you to specify where you want your search terms to appear: anywhere, title, author/creator, or subject. You can also limit by material type, language, or date.

For example, you could create a search for study aid in the subject field, criminal procedure in the title, with results limited to those published within the last five years.

Advanced Search screen in Drake Libraries catalog

Use 01DRU_ALMA to Browse Without Doing a Search

If you want to see all items in the library and then use the facets to narrow, enter 01DRU_ALMA as your search term. This is the code for the Drake libraries.  To make the search faster, change your scope to "In the Library." Then use the left-hand facets to limit as desired.

For example, if you wanted to see the movies available in the Law Library feature film collection, you could search "In the Library" for 01DRU_ALMA. Then apply limits (shown above the search results):

Refine by Material Type: Audio visual, Refine by Library: Law Library, and Refine by Location: Library Lobby - First Floor.

Screen shot of Drake Library Catalog Search

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