Printing and Copying

Webprint Outages

Problem:  The campus has experienced difficulty printing documents via Webprint. Users are not able to load their documents successfully or find that documents they submitted are not available for release after logging into a printer.


  1. Download the print drivers to your personal laptops in order to bypass Webprint. You can find instructions here or find physical copes at the Law Library Information Desk.
  2. Print from a Drake computer.

If you experience issues with Webprint or have difficult downloading the drivers, report those issues to ITS.

Unable to Log in with a Registered ID Card

Problem: When using ID card to log in to the device, the device doesn't respond or attempts to log in and resets to the original log in screen.

Workaround: Please find a library staff member at the Information Desk to perform a hard shutdown of the device. If you are in a hurry to print and the other device is in use, speak with a desk attendant to assist you with printing your document at the Information Desk.

Printing Delays for PDFs

Problem: Excessive delays sometimes occur after releasing a PDF print job from a device. Typically, if you are printing a PDF from a USB or if you are printing a very large file, the delay will be longer.

Workaround: When printing from a Drake computer or from your laptop after you have installed the printers on to your device, check the "print as image" box from the Advanced tab. This can help to bypass the delay. Otherwise, the only workaround for this issue is to allow yourself plenty of time if you need to print a PDF. Note: If printing directly from a web browser rather than a downloaded and saved PDF, use Firefox in order to access the "print as image" feature.

ITS Feed

Check the ITS news feed to see if there is a network outage or other information about printing problems.

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