Printing and Copying

Costs of Printing/Copying

Single-sided black and white: $0.05/page
Double-sided black and white: $0.04/page
Single-sided color: $0.25
Double-sided color: $0.24

Scanning to email is free.

Print and copy jobs are not "billed" to your card until a job is completed. If you send a print job or are sending copies through the feeder and receive a message that indicates you have insufficient funds, this does not necessarily mean that you have $0 in your account. Rather, it indicates that you do not have sufficient funds to complete your entire print/copy job. Additional funds will need to be added in order to complete the entire job.

Log into PaperCut to check your account balance.

Bulldog Bucks

Students can also use cash or a check to add funds if they visit the student services office in the basement of Carnegie Hall.

Note: Bulldog bucks expire 90 days after a student's graduation date. After 90 days, graduates who wish to print from the Drake campus will need to purchase a copy card.

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